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Hallett Employment Law Services Ltd is a forward thinking solicitors firm, which deals exclusively with employment law. We aim to offer a more flexible, modern and approachable service. We act for both businesses and individuals, and always seek to provide prompt, affordable, practical solutions to our clients.
Based in Leicestershire, in the Midlands, with excellent access to the Motorway and rail networks, we act for businesses and individuals from all around the UK. We do not believe that you should have to travel to us, so, if necessary will come to see you at your convenience. The majority of our work is done through phone and e-mail, so we can deal with clients from anywhere in the UK, and abroad.
The firm was formed by Jon Hallett, solicitor, who has specialised in employment law since 1998. He was the head of the employment law department of a firm of solicitors in Coventry from 1998 until forming Hallett Employment Law Services Ltd. Jon is a member of both the Employment Lawyers Association, which is a specialist organisation for employment lawyers, and of the Industrial Law Society. Jon also holds a Masters degree in employment law, awarded by the University of Leicester. While studying for that degree he was awarded distinction marks for his work on both unfair dismissal and discrimination law. He has dealt with cases in a number of the Employment Tribunals around the country, as well as in county courts, the High Court, and the Employment Appeals Tribunal.
We provide an extensive range of Free Factsheets offering a substantial amount of information on a very wide range of employment law topics in our website. This can be found under the section entitled “Free Factsheets.” We believe that you will find a lot of the information and initial help you may require within this section.
In addition to full traditional legal services, we also provide a range of employment documents which you can purchase online and download from this website. The documents can be customised by you online, so that you end up with a document tailored to your specific requirements. These can be found in the section entitled “Employment Documents.”  However sometimes these may not meet every requirement, or situation, so we can easily be contacted for any specific requirement that is not covered in the Employment Documents.     


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