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Please select the document you wish to purchase. You can use the alphabetcal search facility(to the right of the screen), or alternatively use the general site search facility (to the above right of your screen) to search for the document you want. 

This part of the site is currently being extended and new documents are being added. If you cannot find the document you require please contact us.
You will need to be logged in and have, or purchase valid credits.  Using the normal "pay- as- you- go" option, each credit is charged at £2 (plus VAT). Each document can be purchased for a set number of credits, which are quoted alongside the basic information about each document. There are various additional options available that enable you to purchase the credits at discounted rates. 

The use and purchase of any of the Employment Documents from this site is subject strictly to the Terms & Conditions of use applicable to this website. Your use of this site, and/or the Employment Documents is deemed as an acceptance of the Terms & Conditions in full. 

Once purchased you will be taken to your account page to personalise the document, by selecting modules and sections and specifying any details.

You should read the accompanying guidenotes very carefully, so that you follow the document production process correctly- ensuring that you have chosen the options that best meet your needs. Once you are happy with the document it will be saved to your account for you to download when and as often as you wish.

Please allow sufficient time to to complete your choice of modules and sections as it is not currently possible to save part completed ones. You may return to complete the personalisation at a later date if required.


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