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This Agreement governs the terms and conditions of the use of this website by You.
Below are set out the terms and conditions that apply to your use of this website, and the Employment Documentation, and Information and Free Factsheets found in this website. By using this website You hereby irrevocably agree to these terms and conditions. If You do not agree or wish to be bound by these terms and conditions You must not use this website.


In this Agreement the following shall have the following meanings:-

HELSL means Hallett Employment Law Services Ltd, whose registered office is situated at Liverpool House, 15 South Avenue, Ullesthorpe, Lutterworth, Leicestershire LE17 5DG. Registered in England, Company registration number 6379142. VAT registration number 920 7706 33.

You means you or the firm, business, company or association on whose behalf you are acting

Free Information means any and all free articles and free legal information and news items provided on this website by HELSL from time to time.

Free Factsheets means any and all free articles provided on this website by HELSL from time to time.

Employment Documentation means the downloadable documentation including optional clauses for use by employers for their staff as made available and purchased through this website.It must be noted that this is a service specifically designed and provided to business customers only. It is not for, nor is it designed or intended for use by individuals ( other than those acting for and on behalf of a business). 

  1. Hallett Employment Law Services Ltd (HELSL) does not warrant that your use of or access to this website will be uninterrupted, or free of disruption or errors. While HELSL believes that this website is not adversely affected by any virus, Trojan, or other hostile software (Hostile Software), we make nor give any warranty, nor representation nor shall we accept any liability for any damage caused by Hostile Software which may infect or affect your equipment or property on account of your use of this website or the downloading of any document or material from this website.
  2. By using this website You irrevocably agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  3. Your use of this website and/or any of its contents is entirely at your own risk. In so far as is permitted by law HELSL shall have no and will accept no liability for any loss, damages, costs, claims, or expenses whether in contract, tort (including but not limited to negligence) or otherwise (except in respect of fraud) arising out of or from your use of this website or the Information, Free Factsheets, Employment Documents, news items contained in it or from your inability to use it.
  4. Nothing in these terms and conditions will exclude HELSL from any liability for death or personal injury arising from its negligence.
  5. HELSL does not control any third party sites which may be linked to this website. It does not and shall not bare any liability for the same nor for their content nor for any transaction between You and any such sites.
  6. Your relationship with HELSL and these terms and conditions are governed exclusively by English law and by using this website You agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in ascertaining, interpreting, and enforcing these terms and conditions rights responsibilities and liabilities arising therefrom.
  7. HELSL notes that e-mail is not a secure medium of communication. Therefore HELSL cannot guarantee that any email sent by You will be received by HELSL or that its contents shall remain secure during or following transmission. Similarly HELSL cannot and gives no guarantee, that any email it sends to You are secure. Should You have any concerns about this HELSL recommends that You either telephone or write to HELSL instead.
  8. HELSL reserves the absolute right to correct any clerical, typographical or other error on this website at any time without any liability to You.
  9. HELSL reserves the absolute right to make any changes to the contents of this website from time to time, to temporarily or permanently discontinue this website or any part of it from time to time without notice, and without any liability to You. You should check this website regularly to review these terms and conditions.
  10. HELSL endeavours to ensure that any information on this website is accurate, but makes no representations or warranties as to accuracy, and accepts no liability for the same. HELSL gives no Warranty either express or implied, as to this website, or its contents, and all warranties are hereby excluded (so far as permitted by law).
  11. The Information, and Free Factsheets, and Employment Documents, and news items on this site do not constitute legal advice. The information, and Free Factsheets, and Employment Documents and news items are for general information only and should not be used instead of or relied upon as legal advice. The information, and Free Factsheets, and Employment Documents are based on UK law, statutes, regulations and court decisions. The site is not and cannot be a definitive statement of UK employment law, and the information contained in and Free Factsheets, news items and Employment Documents in this site should not be considered as a legal opinion. Whilst we will endeavour to ensure that all information, and Free Factsheets, and Employment Documents is current and correct, there is no substitute for legal advice on the actual detail of the situation you find yourself in. We cannot accept responsibility or liability for use of this information, and Free Factsheets, news items and Employment Documents without specific legal advice.
  12. The contents of this website (the Materials) are the copyright of HELSL and its licensors. Reproduction and copying of part or all of the Materials in any form is strictly prohibited other than in accordance with the following permissions:-

    12.1. You may download and view the Free Information, news items and Free Fact sheets for your own personal non-commercial use.

    12.2. Reproduction of the whole or any part of the Free Information, news items  and /or Free Factsheets is permitted for non-commercial or study purposes strictly providing that You clearly acknowledge HELSL as the source and author.

    12.3. When You purchase any Employment Documentation from HELSL You are in fact purchasing a licence to use that documentation for the purposes of your own business or in a single company. You may use it strictly subject to the terms of this Agreement.

    12.4. All ownership rights and intellectual property rights in the Employment Documentation shall remain the sole property of HELSL. You shall not create derivative works, copy, modify, or sell any part of the Employment Documentation except as expressly permitted under this Agreement. It is a condition of your licence to use any Employment Documentation that you acknowledge and preserve the copyright and intellectual property rights of HELSL in the Employment Documentation.

    12.5. No part or parts of the Employment Documentation may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, published or made available by Your to any other person, firm or company or association in any format or media. HELSL does not permit the incorporation of the Employer Documentation or any part of it in any other work or publication, whether in hard copy or electronic or any other form without the express prior approval of the Directors of HELSL. No part or parts of the Employment Documentation may published by You, or be used for any sale, re-sale or other professional or commercial purpose.
  13. If any part or parts of this Agreement is/are held to be invalid or unenforceable such provision shall be struck out and the remaining terms, conditions, and provisions shall remain in force. Each provision shall be interpreted as severable and shall not in any way affect any other of these terms and conditions.
  14. You should ensure that any and all information supplied by You is correct before proceeding to complete and download the Employment Document You require. HELSL does not accept responsibility or offer refunds if you provide incorrect or incomplete information in producing any document using this website. HELSL cannot and does not accept any liability nor can it be held responsible or liable to You for any error or mistake You make in selecting or entering any incorrect or incomplete or inaccurate information. Any refund provided by HELSL will be strictly provided at its sole and absolute discretion.This clause 14 is strictly without prejudice to clauses 15,21,34 herein.
  15. Some documents and Materials and Employment Documentation in this website are created by a document assembly wizard into which standard legal styles have been inserted in an interactive format. When used, the wizard will produce a version of a document based on a standard text utilising information You have provided. The wizard is unable to decipher whether the information You have provided makes legal sense, is grammatically, or factually correct. It is therefore exclusively Your responsibility to ensure that the details entered by You are accurate and correct. Any refund provided by HELSL will be strictly provided at its sole and absolute discretion.This clause 15 is strictly without prejudice to clauses 14,21,34 herein.
  16. The production of documents using this website does not constitute legal advice. The documents and Employment Documentation and Materials provided through this website are standard styles only and require to be personalised to suit your own specific circumstances. While HELSL has taken every care in ensuring the accuracy of the content of the documents Employment Documentation and Materials, specific legal advice is recommended in all circumstances. The downloading of any Document, news item, Free Factsheet or Information from this website does not constitute advice from HELSL. Formal legal advice from HELSL will only occur if You specifically contact HELSL for specific and detailed advice on your particular needs or circumstances through contacting HELSL directly by telephone, fax, post or email for our specialist legal help on your particular requirements. Should You seek our specific and detailed advice on a solicitor/client basis the terms of business for doing so will be supplied to you in that capacity, and You will be liable for payment of any resulting charges on the basis of those terms of business.
  17. You may not provide any Employment Documentation, any Materials, and document obtained through this website for re-sale nor may you re-publish any document, or part thereof, for free use by others. Any document published online as part of the terms of use of a website or similar that is derived in whole or part from a document produced by HELSL must contain an appropriate credit to HELSL as the source of the document.
  18. HELSL will owe no liability to You at all (or the absolute minimum liability under law) if you use the information on this website and/or create or download or use any document (including any of the Employmenfrom this website without obtaining specific legal advice from HELSL on your needs and requirements.
  19. HELSL will owe You no responsibility or liability at all arising from any alterations made to any document from this website after you have received it.
  20. Changes to the law occur frequently and will render certain documents and/or information out of date from time to time. You agree and accept that HELSL will not automatically notify You of any document and/or information has been rendered out of date or amended.
  21. Due to the digital nature of documents produced through this website no automatic right of refund or cancellation exists after a document has been produced by You in accordance with the Reg 13 Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. You will not be able to cancel the contract under Reg 10 of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 once the instruction is given by You to pay for an item from the Employment Documentation as the provision of that service will be instantaneous through electronic means. Please note that the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling ) Regulations 200 do NOT apply to "business to business" dealings. Any refund provided by HELSL will be strictly provided at its sole and absolute discretion.This clause 21 is strictly without prejudice to clauses 14,15,34 herein.
  22. There is no and shall be no contract of service between you and HELSL by virtue of or arising from your viewing or downloading any Free Information news items, and/or Free Fact sheets from this website, and HELSL shall not be liable to You in any way resulting from your use of any Free Information, news items, and/or Free Factsheets.
  23. The price of any item or document within the Employment Documentation may be changed by HELSL at any time. HELSL will not change a price so as to affect or alter the price charged to You at the time You agree to payment for any particular item or document within the Employment Documentation.
  24. We accept no responsibility or liability for problems You may have in down-loading any item(s) from the Employment Documentation. We will deliver any such item by some other means of our choice if You request us to do so. You must notify HELSL if You require other means of delivery.
  25. No money or charges shall be refunded to You by HELSL if You choose not to use the item(s) purchased by You from the Employment Documentation.
  26. No waiver by HELSL in exercising any rights, powers or provisions under this Agreement shall operate as a waiver of any right, power, or provision nor of that same right, power or provision at a future date, nor shall any delay in the exercising of any right, power or provision by HELSL be treated or interpreted as a waiver.
  27. Nothing in this Agreement to which You are a party shall confer any rights to any person not a party to this Agreement under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
  28. You agree to indemnify HELSL against any claim or demand, (including all fees, costs, charges, legal fees, and/or disbursements made by) any third party due to or arising from your use of this website, the Free Information, news items, Free Factsheets and the Employment Documentation or from any other person using your computer, of any intellectual property or other right or rights of any person.
  29. HELSL shall have no liability or responsibility for any action (or omission) You take as a result or consequence of receiving or downloading any of the Free Information, Free Factsheets, and Employment Documentation and any other document information or item viewed on or downloaded from this website.
  30. Our Pay as You Go (PAYG) facility allows You to purchase any Employment Documentation (including any Optional Clauses) as and when You want for the designated number of credits for each document. This enables You to buy documents as and when You want or need them. Each credit under the PAYG facility is charged at £2 plus VAT. You will be required to make the designated payment prior to the completed Employment Documentation being made available to download in pdf format or other such format as HELSL may determine at its sole discretion from time to time.
  31. As an alternative to PAYG You can purchase credits under our range of credit purchase options (Options).These allow You to purchase a number of credits in advance of use, at a reduced cost compared to the PAYG price. The precise cost of a credit will vary according to the Option purchased by You, and the cost of each Option ( as applicable from time to time) is notified in this website, together with the relevant VAT charges- see the pages entitled "buy credits". By using this service You are hereby agreeing that you are purchasing the credits from HELSL.The purchase by You is for the credits only. The purchase is complete upon Your instruction to buy the credits. You hereby agree and acknowledge that HELSL is not thereby holding any money on account for You. Once purchased You may use the credits as and when You wish within the designated period applicable to the particular Option You selected.  These Options also enable You to return to the website as and when you wish (within the designated period applicable to the particular Option You selected) without You having to completely re-register onto the website. They enable You to benefit from the discounted credit price for the period applicable to the particular Option You chose to purchase.
  32. Each time You purchase any new Employment Documentation will result in the deduction of credits from your account where You have purchased one of the Options. The precise number of credits to be deducted will vary according to the number of credits then associated with the documentation ordered by You. In addition, the insertion of any Optional Clause by You into any Employment Documentation will result in the deduction of the number of credits applicable to the Optional Clause(s) purchased by You. The cost of each Employment Documentation is specified in the search result for that document and accompanying explanatory note. You can download and print any completed Employment Document as many times as You want for no extra cost.
  33. All credits purchased in the Options have an expiry date whether You use them or not. The expiry date will depend on the particular Option You have purchased. If You purchase a new subscription Option before the expiry of the previous one then your remaining credits from the earlier purchase will be used first in any subsequent purchases by You.
  34. The credits are non-refundable. Once purchased by You it is entirely up to You when You use them within the period applicable to  the particular Option You purchased. The credits expire at the end of the relevant designated period. No refunds are made, or available or applicable for credits that have not been used by You before the end of the relevant designated period applicable.  Any refund provided by HELSL will be strictly provided at its sole and absolute discretion.This clause 34 is strictly without prejudice to clauses 14,15,21 herein.  
  35. You can buy credits using a debit or credit card. This takes place over a secure server. Details of accepted debit and credit cards are provided in the website, and may be varied from time to time at the absolute and sole discretion of HELSL. You can click into My Account at any stage to see the status of your account.
  36. HELSL reserves the sole and absolute right to change the number of credits charged for each item of the Employment Documentation, and of the cost of each credit at any time, without notice to You.
  37. You will be provided with a printable invoice on screen for your purchases. HELSL reserves the absolute right to remove subscription Options privileges from You at any time in the event of misuse of the services provided by HELSL to You. You are not permitted or allowed to let any other person use your login and or password other then the account holder for usage. HELSL reserves the absolute right to suspend or terminate any account at any time when it appears to HELSL that there has been any breach or violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use and or Agreement including any breach of the terms that apply to the PAYG and or Options relating to the Employment Documentation.

This website is operated by Hallett Employment Law Services Ltd which is both a limited registered company in England and Wales, and a firm of solicitors which practices English law under the rules of the Law Society of England and Wales, and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority; contact at

Our registration number with the Solicitors Regulation Authority is 470866. 

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